The Power of the Cross - Entering the Resurrection

the most complete Catholic mystical-charismatic teaching

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"Blessed are the eyes that see what you see: I tell you that many prophets and kings desired to see what you see, but did not see it, and hear what you hear, but did not hear it" (Lk 10, 23- 24).

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The Power of the Cross - Entering the Resurrection - Save entire ebook PDF version (Acrobat Reader)
by Oscar Lepore New improved version of 2014.
The book that teaches how to easily get to the state of Total Resurrection, that the vast majority of Christians do not even know exists.
To arrive at the total Resurrection means to become the children of God in the true sense of the word, not in a theoretical sense. It is the most beautiful thing a man could wish for!

Creation 2.0 - The Kingdom of Heaven dwells among you (Ebook PDF) - the Kingdom of Heaven is among you! Do you want to enter the new Creation with God? Do you want to discover the hidden Eden that God gives to His true children?

A drop in the ocean (Ebook PDF) My mini-story useful for those who want to know the charismatic faith told as a very strong experience in a short story. Kyle has a girlfriend who will soon want to marry. But things do not go as expected and she dies killed by bad people. A hermit will show the young man a new path, which will lead him to an extraordinary life where he will make experiences never known in the common social life ... - Intense spirituality and passion, a love story that overcomes the limits of earthly life, overwhelming truth and supernatural as the world rarely knew it .. and also the Church of the last century .. The story for those who want to be amazed at what is the Kingdom of Heaven .. read also just for knowledge of what men live they live a charismatic faith. Written in 2010.

>> Paradise against hell << (PDF Ebook Download). (after "A drop in the Ocean"...) The people of Paradise are in ferment for great things that are approaching on earth. Concerned about giving the chance to save himself to humanity, God entrusts the Archangel Saint Michael and a man named Kyle, the task of bringing an earthly hacker to the complete truth with invisible guidance, to then entrust him with a very important task. The project is much larger than imagined, and passing between disconcerting truths about the truth of the invisible evil that exists on earth, apocalyptic prophecies, and wonderful experiences, the protagonist unconsciously finds himself immersed in the care of great figures of Heaven and at the same time also in the viewfinder of lucifer and various demons. How will things end?
The style of the book is fantasy and apocalyptic novel, but how far can you understand if it is fantasy or reality? I consider this the best story I have written, I hope you will like it. (written in February-April 2016)

My life with the Kingdom of Heaven (Ebook PDF download) Testimony-teaching on how to enter the mystical life and the Communion of Saints (book that Jesus ordered me to write for you).

My work in poetry: The conversion of man to love (Ebook PDF Download) (50 linked poems that retrace the Gospel). Written in 2013

Reaching inner healing through forgiving, receiving forgiveness and forgiving oneself. (Ebook PDF Download) Book that explains how through prayer we can achieve perfect reconciliation with everything and everyone living in a splendid and joyous peace, enthusiastic about life.

Reconciliation and recreation of the family through Jesus Christ (Ebook PDF Download). How can we have the gift of a more united and happy family through prayer.

My mini-story on the practical techniques of inner healing: The spiritual psychiatrist (Ebook PDF). A particular psychiatrist who does not give medicines, but uses practical methods with "targeted" phrases to solve concrete problems. These methods are called EFT in the secular form (Emotional Freedom Techniques - Techniques of liberation of emotions) and TRC in the Christian form (Christian Redemptive Techniques) (both are described in the book). In practice they solve (truly) emotional blocks, wounds and sins committed that prevent living in a beautiful, healthy and happy and ... holy seriously! They are practical methods for the healing of one's own identity and life in a serious and effective way! Psychology that not only analyzes, but which heals. Written in 2013.

CREATION (Ebook PDF) - a short story of mistical experience.


Rosary of the Redemption (with promises of Jesus of sure salvation of his own and of the loved ones for which he prays, and for the healing of his own family)

Prayer for the Redemption of Humanity, for the conversion of the world, the salvation of souls, the sanctification of the Church, to which Jesus has added precious promises (to be known)

Rosary of the Communion of Saints - with precious promises of God the Father

Prayer of the Kingdom of God on Earth
Jesus promises that by reciting it three times a day for a year we will have the gift of salvation in safe Paradise, in a beautiful relationship with Heaven with many graces of happiness. If you die before you have finished and you have recited it for at least three months, the promise is still valid.

This books are licensed Creative Commons, anyone is invited if it wants to spread it without problems, and any publishing company would like to print it and sell it is well accepted (without having the exclusive rights, or they can print other publishers), just that you notify me with an email and use the PDF here (version 2014) or ask me an editable version .doc or .odt

This work is consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Author Oscar Lepore

I'm also present on facebook with the name Oscar Lepore (one born July 9, 1983).